Provinces are outpacing Ottawa on climate change

But all governments need to do more, says an analysis by the David Suzuki Foundation and Climate Action Network Canada.

Winnipeg (Aug. 5, 2010) – Canada’s provincial leaders are outpacing the federal government when it comes to action on climate change, but all governments need to do more, according to an analysis released today by the David Suzuki Foundation and Climate Action Network Canada.

Report: Best and worst provincial moves on climate change

The brief outlines the best and worst provincial moves on climate change as premiers meet in Winnipeg for Council of the Federation discussions.

“This brief shows that provinces can make significant progress on climate action even in the absence of federal leadership,” said David Suzuki Foundation climate change policy analyst Dale Marshall.

“We hope that premiers will learn from each other’s successes but we also hope these findings will encourage a healthy race to the top for climate action among the premiers this week in Winnipeg,” he says.

"When it's time to look for action on climate change, provinces and territories are clearly showing that a lot can be done," adds Steven Guilbeault, cofounder and deputy director for Equiterre.

"Unfortunately, the federal government's strategy 'to wait and see' what others are going to do is simply not sustainable for an issue as important as climate change. The Canadian government should be the one leading the way in matters of initiatives to reduce our emissions and not leave the entire responsibility to the provinces as it is the case now,"Guilbeault adds.

The brief also highlights climate progress the premiers could achieve in Winnipeg, including:

  1. Agreeing to regulate industrial pollution.
  2. Assessing progress on previous promises.
  3. Collaborating on joint clean-energy and climate change projects and policies.
  4. Establishing a provincial-territorial climate change secretariat.
  5. Agreeing to meet again later this year to make progress on climate change.


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