Safety a top priority for public liquor stores in Saskatchewan

Business community lobbying aggressively for privatization in Nov. 7 election campaign

Regina (24 Oct. 2007) - The threat of liquor privatization in Saskatchewan, and related issues of public safety, should be a top concern when voters cast ballots in the province's Nov. 7 election, says the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees' Union (SGEU/NUPGE).

"The outcome could mean a drastic change in our province's ability to regulate liquor sales," the union says in an advisory to members.

"Organizations representing business interests have been aggressively lobbying for the privatization of liquor stores in Saskatchewan. Losing control of liquor sales will result in more social harm and greater economic costs. Saskatchewan families and communities will face increased consumption, greater risk of liquor sales to minors, and more crime as a result of turning liquor retailing over to private businesses."

SGEU members are urged to question candidates from all political parties about their position on privatizing liquor sales.

"When a politician knocks on your door, ask whether they will commit to maintaining the current system of liquor sales in Saskatchewan," the union advises. NUPGE

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