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Settlement reached in Ornge discrimination case

Memorandum negotiated by OPSEU amounts to substantial victory for members of Local 505.

Toronto (22 Dec. 2010) - In October, Local 505 of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE) filed a complaint with the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) alleging discrimination, intimidation and targeting of union activists at Ornge, formerly Ontario Air Ambulance.

"We are pleased to announce that the complaint has now been withdrawn by the union prior to a formal date with the OLRB and that a Memorandum of Settlement (MOS) has been reached resolving the issues of the initial complaint," OPSEU said this week.

The members of Local 505 hope the victory will lead to improved communication and respectful labour relations at Ornge.

  • Included in the MOS are the following key items:
  • The local president will now be paid the entitled hours for representing a member in a meeting as per the collective agreement.
  • The employer has agreed to post up to five new positions to facilitate back fill and to alleviate denial of leave requests.
  • The employer acknowledges the legitimate need for union leaves of absence, especially with relation to union educational opportunities.
  • The parties have agreed to new protocol pertaining to the extent of reasonable discussion and conduct of Union business during work hours and related letters of discipline have been withdrawn.
  • Layoff notices have been rescinded, including notices to two elected union officers. The employer has also agreed that any future layoffs will follow proper seniority rules.

Local 505 expressed its thanks to OPSEU staff for assisting in protecting the rights of members and recognized the efforts we make to stand up against employers who attempt to discriminate against or intimidate OPSEU’s local leaders.

Ornge is a private not-for-profit charitable organization that primarily coordinates medical air transport and transfer of patients between medical facilities. It has been in business under the name of Ornge since 2005 but has been operating in various capacities since 1977.


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