Seventh annual May Week Workers' Art Show

'Workers and artists share a common struggle for decent wages, healthy working conditions, and culturally-vibrant communities.'

Edmonton (6 April 2009) - The Edmonton May Week Labour Arts Festival in partnership with the Edmonton Mennonite Centre will be hosting the seventh annual Workers’ Art Show from April 26 to May 2.

The exhibition takes place at the Global Gallery (10207-97 St.) and the deadline for submissions is April 15.

May Week Labour Arts Festival - Edmonton, Alberta, April 26 to May 3, 2009

This community art event features visual art by working people who are not full-time artists and is built on the premise that workers and artists share a common struggle for decent wages, healthy working conditions, and culturally-vibrant communities.

May Week is looking for artists to contribute their work for the 2009 show. Submissions of all visual art including photography, paintings, drawings, posters, prints, mixed media, sculpture and installation art are invited.

International Workers' Day - May 1

May 1 is celebrated and recognized as International Workers’ Day, chosen over 100 years ago to commemorate the struggles and gains of workers and the labour movement. Some of the most notable reasons to celebrate May Day are the eight-hour day, the two-day weekend, improved working conditions and child labour laws.

"These gains were not attained without the solidarity of workers," festival organizers say. "As workers, we must recognize and commemorate May Day not only for its historical significance, but also as a time to organize and speak out around issues that are impacting working-class people today.

"Through the many artistic disciplines of the festival, May Week provides people with the information, education and inspiration to make positive changes in our local and global communities."

For more information and for submissions please contact Pedro Rodriguez, curator of the show at 238 238-7669 or by email at

Workers and artists

The festival brings together the labour movement, workers and artists to celebrate the achievements of peoples’ struggles for social and economic justice through visual arts, music, film, poetry and theatre.

The goal is to educate and inspire people to work for positive change in their workplaces and communities by acknowledging struggles and celebrating gains as working people.

Among the groups supporting the festival is the Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA/NUPGE).


The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) is one of Canada's largest labour organizations with over 340,000 members. Our mission is to improve the lives of working families and to build a stronger Canada by ensuring our common wealth is used for the common good. NUPGE

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