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"Postal banking can get rid of payday lenders and allow Canadians avoid the ever-rising banking fees. I'd say it's a smart investment."  — Larry Brown, NUPGE President                                          

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Ottawa (10 March 2017) — In an ongoing attempt to have Canada Post modernize, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers has joined forces with SumOfUs, an advocacy organization, to push the Liberal government to seriously consider postal banking

An online petition is circulating  telling Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Judy Foote to "take postal banking seriously. It's a profitable addition to our public postal system that will help make banking services accessible to all."

The petition includes information to Canadians about postal banking and how it generates revenue for the government.

"Postal banking is the logical step forward for this important public service," said Larry Brown, President of the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE). "It can get rid of payday lenders and allow Canadians avoid the ever-rising banking fees. I'd say it's a smart investment."

Read the postal banking petition information below, and then sign the petition to show your support.

"Canadian banks made over $30 billion in profits last year, yet banking fees continue to rise. Predatory payday lenders routinely charge as much as 600 per cent interest on small loans — sometimes more —- hitting poor, marginalized, rural and Indigenous communities the hardest.

But there is an alternative right under our noses: postal banking.

The federal government has started to re-imagine the future of Canada Post, including restoring some door-to-door delivery. But for some reason, postal banking has been left off the table.

Tell Justin Trudeau and Judy Foote to strike a blow against predatory banks and lenders and consider postal banking for Canada.

A public bank system governed by Canada Post is a “win-win.” It would provide financial services to Canadians who normally have to rely on predatory lenders while earning significant revenue for a Crown corporation without charging prohibitive fees.

We know Canadians want to restore and expand our profitable public postal service and reverse Harper’s cuts. That was the overwhelming message sent to the Trudeau government last fall during their comprehensive review of Canada Post. Unfortunately, a recent parliamentary committee’s report does not include proposals for postal banking. Why not? Have Canada’s big banks teamed up to kill postal banking?

Over 1,700 bank branches have closed in recent years. We’re being gouged from every angle so that banks and lenders can maximize their profits. As banks increasingly cater to the world’s super-rich, many Canadians have to rely on payday lenders, which charge crippling interest rates so unfair even the United States has started to clamp down.

This isn’t magical thinking. Canada had a postal bank as recently as 1968 — and evidence from around the world shows postal banking is a proven moneymaker. Not only would postal banking be accessible anywhere there’s a post office and offer a public alternative to payday loans, it would also make the banking sector more competitive. The Canadian banking sector is one of the most concentrated in the world, with just three corporations controlling over 60% of all banking assets.

It would also make banking more accessible. Over 1,200 rural communities do not have financial services but do have a public post office. What’s more, Canada Post already has the infrastructure to make a rapid transition to include postal banking.

Let’s make a public banking system that works for all Canadians.


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