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Speak out on Hydro One privatization

In every case, the group of (partly or wholly) privately owned utilities performed worse than the wholly publicly owned utilities.  There is no evidence of private ownership leading to cost savings. 

Ottawa (12 May 2015) — In Ontario, the provincial government is trying to rush through the privatization of Hydro One. The Ontario provincial government knows that the more people find out about the deal, the more they oppose it. By keeping debate to a minimum, the provincial government is hoping to get to the sell off Hydro One quickly before too many people find out what privatization will mean.

Oppose the privatization of Hydro One — have your say!

There will be no public hearings other than the legislative committee looking at the 2015 Ontario Budget. That’s why it’s important people use that opportunity to make themselves heard.

Anyone can sign up to appear before the committee. Details of how to sign up and how easy it is to appear before the committee can be found here.

Keephydropublic.ca also has information on what privatization will mean and a link so people can email their Members of Provincial Parliament.


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