Tentative settlement at Youth Employment Services

'Congratulations on a wonderful fight back by all of you.' - Warren (Smokey) Thomas. – Updated

Toronto (11 Aug. 2010) - Youth Employment Services (YES) workers in Toronto have reached a tentative settlement, averting a strike that was to could have begun on Aug. 10.

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE) calls "a good step in the right direction" and is recommending ratification.

Bargaining team representative Michael Louca said the settlement was a direct result of the solidarity displayed by YES workers. "It was mobilizing ... that sent a message to the employer that their union is strong," he said.

Ratification vote

Toronto – Members of the bargaining unit have voted overwhelmingly to accept the settlement. The result was announced Wednesday by OPSEU.

“Congratulations on a wonderful fight back by all of you”, said OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas. “You may be a small group of working people but you have just shown the McGuinty government that we are not the problem and that Ontarians need decent jobs with good benefits today as never before.”

OPSEU expressed pride in the employees and thanked all of the team members and workers "for their courageous stand in tough times."

The two-year settlement contains a signing bonus of $250 for every employee, a 2% raise in the second year of the agreement and improvements in health and welfare, including $300 for eye care.

“A strong unit which stuck together and supported their team meant we could achieve the fairness we deserve. Thank you to all members for your commitment and solidarity”, said Michael Louca, chair of the Local 512 bargaining team.


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