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Thousands join MGEU call to talk pensions

Thousands joined the MGEU’s 2 pension tele-meetings to talk about potential changes to pensions and ask questions. If you missed the call, recordings of both meetings are now available.

Winnipeg (21 Feb. 2018) — We know that the continued stability of pension plans and the importance of a secure retirement are extremely important to members of the Manitoba Government and General Employees Union (MGEU/NUPGE). Last night, the MGEU/NUPGE invited those in the various pension plans for 2 tele-meetings about potential changes to Manitoba pensions. 

MGEU/NUPGE members encouraged to voice concerns over pension changes

Members and retirees who have worked hard and invested in their own pension for many years deserve a secure retirement. The provincial government will not be holding public meetings on any of these proposed changes to pensions. Instead, they’re accepting written comments and the MGEU/NUPGE is asking members and former members to send their opinions. 

Tell the Pension Commission that

  • you do not agree with the introduction of Target Benefit and Shared Risk Pension Plan legislation;
  • you disagree with any changes that will weaken the pension we have worked hard for and planned our retirement on; and 
  • you expect the Premier to keep his commitment that no changes would be made to public pension plans.

How to send your message

Please send your written comments to the Office of the Superintendent, Pension Commission at by February 21, 2018. If you are unsure about what the potential changes might mean to your pension, please review the Q&A About Pension Changes that the MGEU/NUPGE prepared, or listen to your tele-meeting again before emailing your comments. For an even more in-depth look at Manitoba pensions before sending your submission, please read a recent CCPA report by Hugh Mackenzie called Pensions in Manitoba - What’s Working, What’s Not, What's a Solution, What's Not.


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