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Video highlights of Unions Matter book launch

Missed the Unions Matter book launch? Catch the highlights now out on video. 

Ottawa (09 June 2014) — A crowd of lawyers, scholars and trade unionists gathered recently to launch the publication of a book exploring the many ways organized labour touches the lives of everyone.

New book released about the role of unions in advancing economic equality, social justice and democratic rights

Unions Matter: Advancing Democracy, Economic Equality and Social Justice, published by Toronto's Between the Lines, surveys the latest research and judicial theory to highlight unions' roles in the economic, social, and democratic health of Canada and the world.

"I wrote about advancing rights," says Ottawa labour and human rights lawyer Paul Champ, who contributed to the book. "I wrote about how unions play such a significant role in promoting and securing human rights and equality for people of different races, for women, people with disabilities, and regarding sexual orientation. And not only for their own members but also for all Canadians."

Another of the book's contributors, Osgoode Hall Law School professor Fay Faraday, said the book can help trade unionists.

"One of the difficulties in coalition building is finding a language that binds us, that lets us understand  the problems we are all struggling with are common," says Faraday. "So our chapter is about how to build that, how to use that language to build links so people can see their common interests."

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