To workers across Canada and around the world, happy May Day

Ottawa (1 May 2015) — Across Canada, and around the world today, people are gathering together.

Many are gathering in  frustration and protest. In Quebec, they are occupying the lobbies of Canada’s banks, which are facing record-low taxes and gathering record-high profits. In Istanbul, they are defying a ban on marching in Taksim Square, and are facing police water cannons because of it. In Paris, they are gathering to draw attention away from the racist Front National party. In Cambodia, for a higher minimum wage. In Bangladesh, for better working conditions. In Cape Breton, to protest the Liberal Party’s incredibly destructive austerity measures. The list of May Day gatherings goes on because the list of social injustice goes on.

Not just a day of protest

But it’s also worth remembering that none of these gatherings are purely in protest. They are also celebrations of solidarity and the triumph that slowly but  inevitably flows when people stand together for what they know is right.

So to all our sisters and brothers around the world, happy May Day!


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