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Workers employed by Rocky Mountaineer locked out

Help the Rocky Mountaineer workers reach a fair collective agreement.

Vancouver (26 July 2011) - One hundred and eight attendants who work on board the Rocky Mountaineer train which offers rail service from Vancouver through the Canadian Rockies were locked out on June 22 after the employer refused to continue negotiations. (Watch the YouTube video to find out more about the locked out workers' story.)

During bargaining, and after a strong strike mandate to back the workers' proposals, the employer made a counteroffer but did not allow adequate time to take the offer to the employees. Instead, it locked them out.

Many of these Teamsters members have worked for the company for years and have the training and experience to deal with any major crisis on the track from avalanches to derailments, from floods to medical emergencies. But now with these members locked out, the employer has hired replacement workers to take over the duties of the regular employees. These new workers or non-union managers have had only three hours training and have not had the years of experience handling difficult situations on board.

Instead of returning to the bargaining table to conclude negotiations, in good faith, the company is investing in hiring more security to intimidate the, mostly women, who are locked out. The company has also refused the union's request to take over payments to the health plan during the labour dispute and has cancelled all extended health coverage.

Many train customers and guests have voiced their solidarity with the workers in person and online through their Facebook page. Many more supporters are writing to the company President to urge him and the board of directors to return to the table.

Help build support and solidarity for these locked out workers to help them get back on the job.

Contact the board of directors to voice your concerns and spread the word to help mount pressure. With your help, a fair contract can be reached.

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