Robin Hoods call on next U.S. Treasury Secretary to pledge to implement a Wall Street Sales Tax

U.S. campaigners for Robin Hood Tax are calling on Jack Lew, the next Treasury Secretary, to implement a tax on Wall Street. 

Washington, D.C. (15 Feb. 2013) - Wearing Robin Hood hats, U.S. Robin Hood Tax campaigners brought their message of a Wall Street sales tax directly into the confirmation hearing of Jack Lew before the Senate Finance Committee.

"Jack Lew can testify to the fact that millions of Americans have been left out of the recovery," said Mike Tikili of Health GAP.

"He is well aware that trillions of dollars were committed to banks and nothing to the people injured by Wall Street. We need a fair tax system and the Robin Hood Tax is critical. America's waiting to hear that from Jack Lew."

America is behind the tax, according to recent polling commissioned by Friends of the Earth. The survey, conducted in mid-December, shows broad public support for a financial transaction tax. Among American voters, two-thirds favored the tax, saying yes to "taxes on Wall Street banks that helped create our economic problems."

There is a U.S. Robin Hood Tax bill to be re-introduced this Congress by Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), that would place a small tax on trading in stocks, bonds, derivatives and currencies to raise up to $350 billion U.S. a year. The goal of the tax is to bring a real recovery to Main Street with jobs at living wages, retirement with dignity, quality education and healthcare, an environmental clean up and the rebuilding of infrastructure. Robin Hood also calls for revenue to be directed to international efforts for HIV/AIDS research and treatment and to help developing countries adapt to and mitigate climate change.

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