Watch video about Fairness Express bus tour in Atlantic Canada

Alberta remains one of the most dangerous places in Canada to work, especially for young workers

Jul 25 2014

A recent survey showed that 49.7% of 797 adolescents surveyed had at least one workplace injury in the previous year.  

BCGEU urges people to Shop Public! at B.C. government liquor stores

Jul 25 2014

The British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union is encouraging people to buy their wine, beer, and spirits at publicly owned liquor stores where they enjoy better selection and lower prices.

Global Union urges WTO to deal with development issues

Jul 24 2014

Public Services International writes to World Trade Organization (WTo) members urging that they not bow to pressure from G20 countries to accept the proposed Trade Facilitation Agreement without addressing development issues.

Is PEN recent target in politically motivated tax audits?

Jul 24 2014

Conservative government seen as using tax audits as way to silence critics.

All Together Now! campaign's national tour maps out road to fairness

Jul 23 2014

Check out our map to see how much ground we've covered on the road to fairness! 

Nova Scotians: Have your say on health care!

Jul 22 2014

The Government of Nova Scotia wants input on how to restructure the health care system in the province. Fill out the online survery to make sure your voice is heard. 

PEI should apply same changes made to workers' pensions to deputy ministers’ pensions

Jul 21 2014

PEI deputy ministers will no longer receive benefits for two pension years for every one year of work, but government wants to increase base pay by $50,000. 

SCC rules that case on EI contributions "bound to fail"

Jul 21 2014

Arguments fail to convince the Supreme Court of Canada to rule in favour of contributors to employment insurance.

SGEU members at Crop Insurance working hard to assist families after flooding

Jul 17 2014

Compensation for claimants should be received by the end of July 2014. 

Clement wrong on issue of federal public service workers' sick leave, again

Jul 16 2014

For the second time this year, Tony Clement, president of the Treasury Board, has his figures proven wrong on the federal public service sick leave program.

New studies show strong correlation between declining union density and rising income inequality

Jul 15 2014

For every ten per cent increase in union membership, there would be a projected decline in income inequality between 2.5 and 3 percent.

BCGEU welcomes new union members at Vancity

Jul 15 2014

Visa Centre staff join growing number of Vancity BCGEU/NUPGE members.

MGEU members on the frontline of emergency response

Jul 11 2014

"I’m so thankful to see all of our members on the front lines and behind the scenes doing everything they can to keep people and their homes out of harm’s way." — Michelle Gawronsky, MGEU President.

A message from OPSEU's paramedics: Be safe around the pool

Jul 10 2014

There are approximately 500 drownings/year in Canada.

Fairness Express talks to students in Walkerton about the value of quality public services

Jul 10 2014

Quality public services are vital to the health of our communities.

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