Watch video about Fairness Express bus tour in Atlantic Canada

OPSEU is the union of choice

Apr 24 2014

"We are the union for changing times, especially for those providing crucial health care services in this province.”  Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU President.

All Together Now! campaign's Fairness Express rolls across Ontario

Apr 24 2014

"From Newfoundland to B.C, we are all affected by government and corporate decisions which have a negative impact on our lives," Clancy says. "The upside is that by working together, by putting our energy into action, we have the strength and resolve to change the direction of our country. We can make a difference for generations to come. And we will."  James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

HSABC set to represent psychiatric nurses at contract talks

Apr 23 2014

Experienced team heads into bargaining in May. 

NUPGE endorses Ken Georgetti for CLC President

Apr 22 2014

"We are supporting Ken because he sees, like we do, the importance in articulating the value and contributions of unions to the broader public," says Clancy. "Undoubtedly, we must work with our members to build a stronger labour movement but we also need to talk to Canadians who aren't unionized about the role we play in improving the lives of all."

Celebrate Earth Day: Make it count

Apr 22 2014

Focusing on four areas — eat, grow, transform, share — Canadians are being urged to do more than just talk about improving the environment. 

Unions Matter - new CFLR book provides a powerful tool in the pushback against inequality

Apr 22 2014

Unions Matter examines the critical role that unions and strong labour rights play in reducing income inequality and promoting the social well-being of all citizens.

Ontario government's funding for developmental services funding will provide welcome relief to crisis

Apr 17 2014

“Given the findings of the Select Committee, the crisis in Ontario’s developmental services can no longer be swept under the rug. I want to congratulate the Wynne government for following through with this substantial response to a serious crisis,” said OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas.

MGEU members at the Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre ratify agreement

Apr 17 2014

Two years since the start of negotiations, MGEU/NUPGE members vote to accept new contract.

PEI government should accept responsibility for deficit

Apr 16 2014

"The real story is that government has reduced the benefits of over 13,000 pension holders by up to 29 per cent and is saving half a billion dollars.  It’s not fair or accurate to then blame the current deficit solely on the public pension.” — Debbie Bovyer, PEIUPSE President.

NAPE President condemns privatization of public sector group homes

Apr 15 2014

The Newfoundland government is selling off residential care group homes to the private sector.  Residents will lose their continuity of care and will experience major upheaval due to changes.

April 16 marks Equal Pay Day: women deserve fair pay

Apr 15 2014

On April 16, Equal Pay Day, we continue the push for women's equality and to end gender-based wage discrimination.

BCGEU delegation raised members’ concerns with provincial government Ministers and critics

Apr 15 2014

“By speaking with Ministers Cadieux and McRae, we were able to express our members’ frustrations, and to lobby for our members’ rights and their working conditions,” says Darryl Walker, BCGEU President.

OPSEU's Courthouse Security Survey now online

Apr 14 2014

If you work in a courthouse in Ontario, fill out this online survey to ensure you have the proper protection to do your job safely.

MGEU members at UWSA heading to conciliation amid concessionary bargaining

Apr 14 2014

MGEU/NUPGE members hope conciliation will help achieve a fair and reasonable settlement.

NBU welcomes 31 IT workers from community colleges to the union

Apr 14 2014

Preparations will now begin to negotiate a new collective agreement for the information technology members.

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