SGEU highlights role of highways maintenance crews in ensuring safety of travelling public

SGEU/NUPGE Highway Maintenance crews repaired flood damaged roads and assisted drivers with finding safer routes.

Regina (28 June 2013) - The Saskatchewan Government and General Employees' Union (SGEU/NUPGE) took the opportunity to recognize the considerable efforts that it's members who work in Highway Maintenance made to protect the public during recent floods.

"SGEU/NUPGE would like to sincerely thank its Highway Maintenance crews for their fast and efficient repair of highways damaged due to flood waters" it said in a message posted to its website.

In particular they noted the efforts to repair a highway North of Prince Albert last week, along with other roads that had to be cleared and repaired throughout the province due to flood waters.

SGEU/NUPGE also mentioned that "our Highway Maintenance workers have also been directing drivers around these flood waters. The work that they do to ensure the safety of the travelling public is much appreciated."


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