Child Care

22 Apr 2009

Canada has one of the lowest child care access rates in the industrialized world and fees are among the highest.

11 Feb 2009

Conservative government is paying lip service to improving the lives of women even as it refuses to support pay equity, child care and economic measures that support women's equality.  So the Canadian Labour Congress is sending each Member of Parliament a gift of chocolate lips with an accompanying note - 'women are tired of lip service'.

31 Jan 2009

(Jan 27, 2009) -- 'Everyone except the prime minister seems to understand that big problems require bold solutions. Canada needs a large-scale fiscal stimulus.'

14 Dec 2008

Survey of child care standards in 25 developed countries

24 Nov 2008

The Australian experience should teach the Harper government a lesson

09 Oct 2008

(Oct 9, 2008) -- 'The Harper platform is a vapid document, full of slogans but lacking a substantive plan to tackle the current economic and social challenges.'

08 Oct 2008

'Time to vote for the party you trust most to deliver a universal, community-based child care system.'

02 May 2008

BCGEU supporting NDP public forum May 6 in Victoria

11 Apr 2008

New study reveals the smallest increase in regulated child care spaces in some years

07 Apr 2008

Poverty afflicts 12.6% of all Ontario children including 44% of all children in low-income families


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