Child Care

13 Jan 2011

Bringing together nearly 17,000 members who work in developmental services, children’s aid societies, child treatment areas, youth corrections and community agencies.

21 Dec 2010

Private child care centres will not be affected but all those receiving public funding will be required to ban religious teaching as of next June.

05 Dec 2010

Ranks a dismal 17th in the material well-being of children among OECD countries.

28 Nov 2010

'We urge the B.C. government to take these findings seriously and act on them quickly.' - Darryl Walker.

25 Nov 2010

Group urges supporters across the country to pressure the Harper government to take action on urgent parliamentary committee report.

09 Nov 2010

'The employer is being stubborn and blocking a deal.' - OPSEU.

08 Nov 2010

'This plan needs to go farther and set more ambitious targets with clear and transparent measures for accountability and oversight.' - Darryl Walker.

09 Sep 2010

BCGEU also negotiates new collective agreement at St. James Daycare Society.

10 Aug 2010

New regulated child care system goes into effect across the province in September.

04 May 2010

Union represents more than 1,500 workers in over 100 child care centres across the province.


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