NUPGE donates $20K to Oxfam for humanitarian aid in Gaza

Cease Fire Now

October 30 2023

In addition to the statement made by NUPGE on the escalating violence in Israel and Gaza, the National Union has answered the call for donations to assist Oxfam’s humanitarian work in Gaza.

In a letter to Jennifer Luedey, Oxfam Canada’s executive director, NUPGE Secretary-Treasurer Jason MacLean committed to provide “$20,000 from our John Fryer Fund to Oxfam’s appeal to provide urgent humanitarian relief in Gaza. As soon as it is possible to provide humanitarian aid in Gaza, we hope this donation can assist with the much-needed assistance, including food, water, shelter, and health services.”

MacLean expressed the union’s outrage writing, “We join Oxfam in refusing to be bystanders in this moment. We join with the many voices, including Jewish and Palestinian people around the world, who call for an end to this horror.”

“NUPGE has called for an immediate ceasefire and for the respect of international and humanitarian law. I am glad to see that Oxfam Canada is also urging the Canadian government to call for an immediate ceasefire and calling for humanitarian aid to enter Gaza. We, too, have been dismayed at the insufficient response from many of our elected leaders.,” wrote MacLean.

“We hope that a ceasefire and meaningful opening of humanitarian corridors will allow for life-saving relief. But we also hope that it is the first step on a path to address the root of the current situation. NUPGE joins the calls for a just and lasting peace in the region, which must include an end to the brutal occupation and apartheid conditions that Palestinians have experienced. Both Israeli forces and Hamas must be held accountable for war crimes.”

Read the full letter here.