Climate change at work


Tell your MP to support a Just Transition for workers!

As Bill C-50, The Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act, goes to third reading in the House of Commons, it is important to keep up the pressure on our elected representatives. We need you to keep writing to your MP, encouraging them to support the bill. Your voice counts! We have the opportunity to make sure that workers have a Just Transition to the new low-carbon economy. We need to make sure there are good, meaningful jobs for workers to go to, with support programs in place to assist everyone in getting there. Workers must be at the table to develop the plans and programs that are required to meet their needs in all sectors and all our communities. To make that a reality, we need a majority of MPs to support Bill C-50, the Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act.

Technician working with solar panels.

Climate change at work

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. Between severe wildfires and flooding, heat waves and drought, food insecurity, melting sea ice and permafrost, and air and water pollution, communities right across the country are experiencing the effects of climate change. Not everyone is affected equally. The climate crisis threatens to make existing inequities worse. But it is not too late to act. We can all take actions in our households, workplaces, and communities to foster sustainability. And, when we work together, we can pressure our elected officials, employers, and businesses to step up to tackle the climate crisis.

Coralie Gregoire, member of the BC General Employees’ Union (BCGEU/NUPGE),
shares her experience
Interview with Norman Bourque, member of the New Brunswick Union (NBU/NUPGE),
on the impact of climate change on fighting forest fires.
Dr. Martin Lee, a member of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/SEFPO/NUPGE),
shares his experience as a scientist.

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