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B.C. Legislature recognizes the importance of social services workers

"The community social services sector in this province represents a vast number of providers in every community across this province," said Karagianis. She and others stressed the value and contribution of social workers and community social services workers in B.C. communities.

Vancouver (Mar 9 '10) - Members of the B.C. Legislature approved a motion this week recognizing the valuable service social workers provide and the importance of the community social services sector. The motion was presented by Opposition children and families critic Maurine Karagianis.

Members also acknowledged the economic value of the social services sector, in terms of employment and income generation. However, Opposition members expressed concern over the lack of adequate government funding and support for the sector, even as demand for community social services continues to rise.

"They are a sector that is in crisis," said Karagianis. "They say very clearly that they are losing longstanding effective programs and services."

Karagianis and others emphasized increased support for community-based social services is needed.

"I would say that we need to stand up and declare our value for these social service agencies. We have to put real resources behind that to make it true and real for people out in communities across British Columbia."


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