Better Way Alberta campaign offers solutions to government’s budget woes

Campaign by Alberta's public sector unions to inform Albertans that There is a Better Way than across the board cuts!

Edmonton (9 March 2015) — A coalition of major public-sector unions is launching a $500,000 province-wide campaign aimed at saving public services from deep cuts, and encouraging the provincial government to address its budget woes by fixing the province’s broken revenue system.

Budget problems caused by government policies

The Better Way Alberta campaign, which presents evidence that the government’s budget woes are caused by systemic problems in taxes and royalties, was launched at an event held at the United Nurses of Alberta offices featuring the Presidents of the Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL), United Nurses of Alberta (NA), the Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA/NUPGE) and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE - Alberta Division).

“Premier Jim Prentice has said that Alberta’s budget is sinking, but if that’s true, it’s because his party has spent decades blowing holes in the revenue system that’s supposed to pay for the services on which Albertans rely,” Alberta Federation of Labour President Gil McGowan said.

Reckless plan

HSAA President Elisabeth Ballermann is concerned that the government is considering cuts of up to 9% in government spending.  “If we took 9% of our EMS workers, of our diagnostic technologists,  of our rehab professionals, community health workers, out of the system at a time when Albertans are already waiting weeks, months and sometimes years for services, that issue is simply going to get worse.”

“Instead of dealing with the problem, the premier has proposed a reckless nine-per-cent budget cut across the board. That will cause pain to everyday Albertans, put people out of work, and possibly deepen the economic turmoil the province is facing. There is a Better Way,” said McGowan.


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