Larry Brown, President

Larry Brown, President of NUPGE.
Larry Brown, NUPGE President

With degrees in political science and law, Larry Brown is the President of one of Canada's largest unions, the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE). Larry has a wide range of experience to draw on, having spent over 3 decades honing skills in government, public administration, labour relations, teaching and legal issues.

Born in southern Saskatchewan and raised on a farm there, Brown began his interest in social issues while at the University of Saskatchewan, where he served as secretary to the student union and President of the Saskatchewan Federation of Students.

While articling with a Saskatchewan law firm, Brown was hired by the provincial Department of Labour as Executive Secretary to the Task Force on Workers' Compensation. He later became Executive Assistant to the Deputy Minister of Labour, in which role he drafted precedent-setting legislation that gave workers the right to refuse dangerous work.

Larry’s role in the movement continued, and became the Chief Executive Officer of the Saskatchewan Government Employees Association, now called the SGEU.

In 1986, he was elected as Secretary-Treasurer of NUPGE. In 2016, Larry was elected as President of the National Union.

Larry also serves as President of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), and is active on the international stage on behalf of NUPGE and its Components at Public Services International (PSI).

He has written and spoken extensively about public finances, debt and deficit issues, the changes in federal-provincial financing, public sector restructuring and the resulting changes in the economic and political structures of Canada that have occurred in the last decade.

Brown is married to television journalist Tricia MacDonald. The father of 3 children, he and his family reside in Ottawa.