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SGEU opposes privatization of health services

The SGEU/NUPGE recently made a submission to the Saskatchewan government's Patient First Review of the provincial health care system. The union lays out a strong case for why the government should focus on building on the strengths of the public system rather than turning the system over to for-profit corporations. 

Regina (15 July 2009) - In a brief recently submitted to the provincial government's Patient First Review, the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees' Union (SGEU/NUPGE) assesses the problems in the provincial health system and strongly opposes any privatization of services.

"We urge the Government of Saskatchewan to take bold new steps to re-build and revitalize our public health care system," says the union. "Our pioneering efforts in public health care are a legacy that we all take pride in and that we must not jeopardize by resorting to short-term, ill-conceived plans for cutting costs or meeting pressures for services.

"An adequately-financed, publicly owned and operated public health care system can provide high standards of care and service. Rather than turning to the private sector, we urge government to draw on the experience of countries that have successfully maintained a comprehensive, universal, quality and publicly funded health care system."



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