Why Unions Matter

Winner name: 

Jessica Turgeon

Award date: 

June, 2015


Monsters exist you know
It preys on those with the least to show

It feeds on the labour of the working class
Breeding and multiplying like a cancerous mass

Its eyes are green and its wallet fat
Absorbing wealth like a blood sucking bat

It calls itself capitalism
And it produces an unjust, socioeconomic system

It benefits the one per cent
Leaving the rest of us in financial torment

Spreading inequality, poverty and pollution
Someone help us! We need a meaningful solution

An altruist, a hero, a union            
Yes, that’s it! A blue-collar fusion

Together we are strong, united
Shoulder to shoulder, undivided

Equality, fair pay, benefits and job security
The union creates a democratic society

We can fight management and foul play,
As we are shielded by our CBA

Organized labour sounds good to me!
Workers united in solidarity!

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