Tell your MP to support Just Transition for workers

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December 7 2023

A comprehensive Just Transition strategy in Canada is overdue. We are glad to see the
Canadian government acknowledging the realities of this crisis by introducing Bill C-50, The Sustainable Jobs Act in the House of Commons.

Governments have a responsibility to proactively plan for the transition to a green economy. What’s more, this is an opportunity to transition to a more sustainable, equitable, and just economy. This legislation will ensure that workers are part of the process to develop the plans and programs workers need for this transition. Just Transition isn’t just important for the workers in resource-based jobs, it’s important for every community where those jobs are located.

The House of Commons committee reviewing the legislation passed the bill last night, so we can expect a vote very soon. This is good news, but now we nee to focus on getting it passed in Parliament.

Members of Parliament from every party need to hear from workers so they understand the importance of this legislation. You can help by sending a message to your MP, letting them know that you want workers at the table when decisions are being made about our future.

Raise your voice and send your letter today!

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