Prioritize reducing emissions now: NUPGE

Wooden blocks tacked in a pyramid suggesting the way to reach Net Zero.

January 10 2024

In response to this week’s publication of a report revealing that 2023 marked the hottest year on record, the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) says reducing emissions must be moved up on the government agenda.

According to the latest finding from the European Union’s climate agency, average global temperatures soared to an unprecedented 1.48 °C above the pre-industrial average. Scientists attribute this alarming trend to simultaneous increases in both carbon dioxide (CO₂) levels and ocean temperatures.

“Workers have already been feeling the impacts of climate change, be it battling wildfires, enduring extreme temperatures, helping to coordinate disaster response, or caring for those affected. This new report unequivocally confirms what people have been grappling with in their workplaces and in their communities,” said NUPGE President Bert Blundon. “We must move emissions reduction to the top of the agenda in order to keep an eye on the Paris Agreement goal of 1.5 °C.” Blundon explained that while these fractions of a degree may sound small, climate scientists have warned that small changes in the global temperature can have massive impacts on our climates and ecosystems.

NUPGE has long emphasized the critical role workers will need to play at every stage if we are to develop effective solutions. Their experience and expertise in their field will be invaluable in coming up with the best strategies to address climate change and navigate a fair transition to a greener economy.

NUPGE has also argued and shown that robust public services, whose focus is the greater good and the collective, are an integral part of the solution.

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