All Together Now! launches three new publications for tax fairness and quality public services

All Together Now! rolls out three new, fact-filled pieces in the continuing fight for income equality.

Ottawa (8 Nov. 2011) - The All Together Now! campaign promoting tax fairness and public services has just released three new publications in the on-going bid to highlight the importance of changing the tone of the conversation around taxes and the value of public services.

The first publication, 100 things NOT to do if you hate taxes takes issue with the idea being promoted by the business elite and the Harper government that no one pay taxes. If you listen to Talk Radio, you'd think that our taxes don't do anything for us but 100 Things clearly demonstrates that we get an awful lot for what we contribute.

Next ATN tackles the question of what’s wrong with our economy? It is what everyone everyone is trying to answer these days—by looking in all the wrong places. Five simple truths outlines the real answers to that big mystery.

Life as we know it explores how integral quality public services are to the quality of our lives. We depend on these services and the people who carry them out every day. It serves as a reminder of not to take these services for granted or life as we know it may change forever. 

If you would like to order free copies of these publications to share with co-workers and friends, please send an email with your name and mailing address to

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